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A free vin look-up is an important part of buying a used car. A vin number look-up allows you to see a car's history record. An auto vin number look up will tell you if a car has a clean title or a problem title.

It is always recommended that every consumer look up vin numbers before buying a used car. You can look-up vin number reports right from our website.

This web page covers topics such as the following:

  • The free vin lookup and how it works
  • How to get a vin number look-up
  • Where to get a vin number look up
  • What information a look up vin numbers search provides
  • How a consumer can lookup vin number reports to spot a lemon
  • What companies offer a vin number search
  • Why dealers don't like VIN numbers
  • How to avoid buying a lemon or salvaged car with a vin report
  • Why vin numbers are used


A free online VIN look up will tell you if a car is a lemon, been salvaged, or is clean

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A VIN look-up will tell if a car has any potential problems. Let's face it, with all of the add-on products on the market that dealers and private car owners can buy to make a car appear to be "new", it's quite hard to tell if a car has a good or bad history. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to buying a reliable used car.

A vin look-up can help both buyers and sellers of used vehicles:

  • If you're a seller trying to get the best deal for your used car, then get a vehicle history report to show your buyers that your selling a good, clean vehicle. The mere mention of a VIN look-up in many cases will spark more interest in your vehicle and increase the value. If you don't have a VIN lookup handy, most people will simply leave to look it up themselves. By using the vehicle identification number history, it gives you proof that your car title is clean and makes it easier to sell your car right on the spot.

  • A fast online VIN look-up will provide you with the assurance you need to confidently buy a used vehicle. A Vehicle Identification Number look-up will
    help you from buying a lemon or junk car. Details of a vehicle identification number history will show you if the car has been in a major accident and restored. These cars look great to the eye, but seldom work for long without extensive repairs.

A vin number look-up will help you spot all kinds of fraud and suspicious activity on a vehicles history

A vin look-up will also help you notice if the odometer been tampered with. A used car may show 57,430 miles, but after completing a VIN lookup you find out that it's actually 136,850 miles. This is surprisingly common is used car scams.

If you do a vin search before buying a car you may be able to leverage your knowledge about a car to negotiate a better price. Once a dealer knows that you have been informed about a cars history, they will either work with you or tell you to get lost so they can find a different buyer. We recommend avoiding any dealer that tries to sell you a problem car. Most know full well the history of every car they sell. Many dealers buy from auctions which is where most problem cars originate from.

It's a terrible feeling to get ripped off, especially when you know that it could have been prevented by simply by doing your homework before buying a used car. Our free vin look-up make the process easier and convenient. Now there is no reason not to check every car that you consider buying.

A vehicle identification number look-up will help you to avoid lemons. We have helped thousands of people avoid a lemon while shopping for a used car. The success stories we have received tell us that many people encounter at least one lemon or problem car when researching cars which they would like to buy.

Doing a free VIN look-up offers these useful benefits:

  • Helps the negotiating stage of car buying. Your car vin lookup results can help determine the real value of a car before buying.

  • By performing a car check lookup first thing on a used car you avoid wasting time with cars that don't meet a high level of reliability.

  • You avoid problems like trying to get your money back from the seller when you find out the car is a lemon. Most will not help resolve a used car problem without lots of time or legal help.

  • Avoid paying for costly repairs to get the car certified and registered. If a used car turns out not to pass inspection, you may be stuck with a lot of repair bills to make it legal.

Do you honestly need all this trouble in your life? A simple and free vin look-up will eliminate most car buying hassles from the very start! All you need to get started is the VIN number from the car you want to check. Most vehicle identification numbers are located on the car, or are provided by the car seller (if you ask).

To view more detailed information on a particular vehicle, then you will want to order a comprehensive car report for a small fee. You can check a large number of cars when you do order such a report. It's a great deal and well worth the investment.

Have you decided to use the vin look-up? If so, congratulations! You are on your way to a positive and successful vehicle purchase.

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