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A car vin number is an important part of every car. The car vin allows records to be kept pertaining to the car's history. An auto vin will tell you if a car has a clean title or a problem title. It's recommended that every consumer get vin verification before buying a used car. You can get a free vin check right from our website.

This web page covers topics such as the following:

  • The VIN and how it works
  • How to get a free VIN check
  • Where to get a free VIN check
  • What information a VIN number search provides
  • How a consumer can use VIN verification to spot a lemon
  • What companies offer a vin number search
  • Why dealers don't like VIN numbers
  • How to avoid buying a lemon or salvaged car with a vin report
  • Why vin numbers are used

We are dedicated to helping people avoid buying a lemon car. Lemons are common and can cost a lot of hard earned money to fix. Our free vin number search will tell you if a used car has any records. There are many kinds of vin records. Some involve title transfers, others can be related to insurance claims or police reports.

Try a vin search today and get some peace of mind on your next used car purchase. It's easy to do right online!

Some problems to look for in used cars:

  • Accident File
  • Salvage Auction Record
  • Fire Damage
  • Stolen Vehicle Record